Summer in Salt Lake City ’23

I’m trying to re-wire all my socials through my blog. Back in 2019, I “quit social media” and other than posting pictures of my family, for all my loved ones back in Louisiana, I’ve primarily followed that directive. My apps

A day in life, 2.17.23

My mind doesn’t pretend to deserve this. Saved by grace? I’m lucky. And through the highs and lows of the things out of my control, and within, I learned the impermanence of it all. Or at least as much as

Utah Tech Week: Power of Moments

What was the most powerful moment in your life/career? Tell us about a moment where you sacrificed greatly. What moment do you want to experience this week? I’m excited to bring a short film series to Utah Tech Week next

The most beautiful thing, a message to Soren Reece

Life in Utah is magical. I need to post more updates. I’ll try. As I type this I’m consider a return to “social media” as I’m in a much more healthy place in life. Our family has been on a

Pandemic Passion Projects: August Alsina, #DearNurses, & RED Dragon-X

These are the times. If I could bottle it for you best I could, it would a goodbye. On a good day she smiles one last time as I wave her off. If I am lucky I get an “I

Fears, hopes, & enduring coronavirus

A few weeks ago I took my camera, walked outside and asked strangers questions about their hopes and fears during this unprecedented time. Although this was shot before quarantines, social distancing, and stay-in-place orders became commonplace, I was able to

Always outdoors in Utah

Greetings from Utah! Yesterday we had a beautiful day in Millcreek Canyon in Salt Lake City. Twenty minutes in any direction we have access to the forest, the desert, the mountains, the snow in September. At least every other day

Why I quit social media

I’m not posting on social media going forward. Design of a platform shapes the kind of content we create. I want to step out of this ad-driven merry-go round. To stay in touch, please subscribe to my personal newsletter @

A path – short film

We went on Wasatch hike and I took the Scarlet-W with me. 

My next thing

This week, I’m excited to announce my next thing. Deltree’s mission was always “to move you.” For nearly a decade we produced stories and digital experiences for impact. Over 10 years we built 6x B2B/D2C platforms and created over a