She called me the why baby

Last year, over two weekends, I built Microstream. It posts to X/Threads/Mastodon/Supabase all at once. 

Tired of platform BS. It’s my data now. 

And besides, I can train AI on my voice before I die. Text my cyberconsciousness = Microstream v2.  😂

No way I could have done this without GPT.  I am absolutely brain-on-🔥 with the possibilities. 

OpenAI has made me operate life, work, and creativity just flat-out better. 

(Sorry to my wife for bearing with me in this “jack into the matrix” phase 🤖 😜)  

Now, every weekend, I’ll be building something called Qstn and instead of building in silence, I’ll be sharing the process on YouTube. 

It’s a strategy & planning app for those who believe in “making no little plans”. and the power of connection to create performance in individuals, teams & communities. 

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