Why I quit social media

I’m not posting on social media going forward. Design of a platform shapes the kind of content we create. I want to step out of this ad-driven merry-go round. To stay in touch, please subscribe to my personal newsletter @ https://bnjmn.org/subscribe/

A path – short film

We went on Wasatch hike and I took the Scarlet-W with me. 

My next thing

This week, I’m excited to announce my next thing. Deltree’s mission was always “to move you.” For nearly a decade we produced stories and digital experiences for impact. Over 10 years we built 6x B2B/D2C platforms and created over a

The end of the WWW?

This headline is not clickbait. Trump’s FCC chair openly states he wants to destroy net neutrality and his past voting confirms that, as an Obama FCC commissioner. This looming loss of freedom stems from a willful and ignorant belief: Capitalism

Reflecting at #StudioBe for MLK day

Reflecting at #StudioBe for MLK day. The cause, is the cause of our time. BMike’s stunning art left my eyes glazed and soul searching for more purpose. Still, #wewantjustice and we got work to do. The prize is the people.

Every American will be a healthcare disaster waiting to happen.

We spend almost 10K per capita in America on healthcare. Over 17 percent of our GDP. More than double than Germany and all other major economies. Yet, we barely edge out Cuba in life expectancy and fall low on the

America needs cannabis advocacy funding, ASAP.

The LA Times posted a much-needed flare piece citing some emergent research out of Washington given their recent deregulation of cannabis. “Across the country, there has been a decreased perception of risk associated with marijuana among adolescents,” says study leader

No compassion in the wild

Two parents are fighting bitterly, a child weeps. After years of sharp discord, the child becomes reckless. Do we become angry at the child for being weak, responding ineffectively, or hurting themselves? Why would we further strike down the wronged?

One Dream, Dear World + Nobel Peace Campaign

We have been so busy I have not been able to post a ton of work I’m so proud of.  Premiered at the Nobel Peace Forum on stage in June. “Fifty People, One Question traveled with photography series Dear World

#WeWantJustice for black Americans

Baton Rouge #AltonSterling protests with artists August Alsina & Brandan “BMike” Odums – a series of 6 videos released on instagram with over 10 million views (Source: https://player.vimeo.com/)