About me

With a technical CS full-stack background, I’ve honed product chops in both low-latency, cash-strapped startups and scaled complex enterprise environments.

I’ve led platforms and digital experiences for Rivian, Accenture, Verizon, DC Comics, MD Anderson, and other Fortune 500s, serving over a billion users.  A multi-industry focus on healthcare, L&D, and content cultivated deep expertise in a data-driven strategy, “showing vs. telling,” for stakeholder clarity and executing with a laser focus on business goals and user needs.

Co-founding 2x VC-backed startups cemented my early career learnings of failure, humility, and personal health. Over the years, I am fortunate that my work has been featured in Businessweek, Buzzfeed, Vice, The Independent, The Guardian, and more.

To maintain focus, balance, and discipline, I’ve migrated to Salt Lake City from New Orleans (yes, it’s the opposite!). Currently, I help build the platform powering Vendr, a SaaS spend management startup. Beyond documentary content, my hobbies include running, mountain biking, and skiing with my wife and two children in the Cottonwood canyons.