Category: Short Film

Are your eyes the same?

Let me look again. Take the glasses off. No wait! He’s leaning back into your arms. Maybe one day you’ll get another chance. Another moment. It all goes by, don’t you? The orbit can be so small next to the

Pandemic Passion Projects: August Alsina, #DearNurses, & RED Dragon-X

These are the times. If I could bottle it for you best I could, it would a goodbye. On a good day she smiles one last time as I wave her off. If I am lucky I get an “I

Fears, hopes, & enduring coronavirus

A few weeks ago I took my camera, walked outside and asked strangers questions about their hopes and fears during this unprecedented time. Although this was shot before quarantines, social distancing, and stay-in-place orders became commonplace, I was able to

A path – short film

We went on Wasatch hike and I took the Scarlet-W with me.