A day in life, 2.17.23

My mind doesn’t pretend to deserve this. Saved by grace? I’m lucky.

And through the highs and lows of the things out of my control, and within, I learned the impermanence of it all.

Or at least as much as I ever have.

It’s a wild turbine of chaos and threats and todos.

But I do it. And I love it.

There is stimulation all around us but I just want to feel this moment. To deeply feel it. The process builds and serves. But oh, just to feel.

Somewhere chasing the orbital sun, I learned just to feel the warmth of a ray. It just occurs to me now. Maybe I have achieved some sense of gratitude for what I already have.

Enrich it, pour the hot sauce and warm butter into the picture frame, and let it crystalize until it’s a crispy masterpiece. Or, ya know, just an everyday moment.

And snap, there he is, again, just trying to figure out his ontology, one little finger grasp, drool, and smile at a time.

All the trillions of bits of data coming in per second flood his eyes but I can tell what he wants the most: Connection.

You and me both lover bunny. Let’s not be alone. Of course, we could, but who would want to? There are friends, but isn’t it better to be family? Isn’t it better to fight and struggle to be close? For as long as we can possibly be here?

The dance with beginnings and endings, the fear of goodbye the love of hello. I see it through Soren’s eyes. We are all learning these things, but it’s a second chance, a new bright day.

A smile comes easily when you connect. As they say, neurons light up like a Christmas tree. Something special about real connection. Its acceptance in the whirlwind, with the flaws and faults, the crying, the anger, the insecurity- but there it is real love for taking. So take it.

I know it’s there, and I want you to have it, too.

Here’s what I want you to understand if you understand one thing.

Life is beautiful. Isn’t it? I love you.

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