Every weekend, I’ll be building something called Qstn and instead of building in silence, I’ll be sharing the process on YouTube:
The best kind of pleasure, is found in the space overcoming pain.
Every day is another 1 up. Put a coin in. Let’s go.
It's easy to remember the beauty and ambition from a mountain top.
When you reach the foothills, look up. There, I will always be with you.
When I was young, I asked God "please make me skinny." God helps those who help themselves and their trauma.
Just because you were running at top, RPM, doesn't mean you were producing max torque
Let me know if you can tell what focal length this shot is:
new vlog: day in the life, are your eyes the same?
Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, this documentary brought me to tears and gave me a richer understanding of black america, Summer of Soul: