Titles, degrees, rings. How was your last game?
When pop AI is free to use, but trained on your usage, that will be the end of the golden era. Enjoy it.
Nine out of 10 of Death Valley’s hottest summers have been in the past ten years. Go north.
My son says "Tito" when he calls for his uncle. Love my Filipino family.
AI develops human leverage for enabling technology to do wonderful things for all, and also terrible things in the mad scramble to get there. Both = jobs & $.
Google "dutch angle"
Don't make dreams because you can't imagine how beautiful life will be.
Real wealth is owning a black market panavision
I reflected on the intention to write more and called it journaling. Because I can't get even my wife to read my excessively abstract prose. 🙂
I told my therapist, sometimes I'm ashamed of my exuberance. She said, "you mean authenticity?"