Excited to see The Creator filmed with the FX3 w/ PS technic glass, and I think Atlas Mercury?
This weekend is Soren's first birthday. Hit me up for details, would love for you to join!
Running with the boy up the mountain & a little kid yells "your kid is cute!" That's what I'm talking about, Utah! Spread the friendly vibes.
Crazy lightning again in SLC. Love this time of the year.
Ran out of espresso beans. Dragged myself out to the neighborhood spot 😉
Focusing on purpose, doing what I say I will do. Tuning the engine, the flywheel, the long game.
I love routine, I love collaboration
Why does a photo lens review have a "Sunstars" section still in 2023? Ridiculous. How about "character"?
Alive, present, and fully absorbed in "East Atlanta Love Letter" x 6LACK, one of the greats.
Heading to a comedy show. They love to pick on me. One time the comedian called me blazer guy throughout the show.