My next thing

This week, I’m excited to announce my next thing.

Deltree’s mission was always “to move you.” For nearly a decade we produced stories and digital experiences for impact. Propelled by the viral 50 People, 1 Question series, we produced in 20+ countries. Our projects have garnered over a billion YouTube views. With Dear World, MD Anderson, DC Comics and other like-minded partners, we transformed and saved lives.

Last year, Deltree hit record revenue. A special thanks to last year’s 100+ team members around the globe, and especially our co-founders Abby & John. Through this acceleration we found inspiration, but also stability and clarity for a new path forward.

Monday I joined as Chief Operating Officer of a new production company Vavani, headquartered in beautiful Salt Lake City. Jared Ruga, Founder + CEO describes Vavani as “guided by a prosocial agenda to facilitate progress amidst the noise.” The vision of the company is an elevation of my life’s mission. Furthermore, the leadership’s resources and experience seed great confidence to scale in a competitive content marketplace.

While recently launched, Vavani is carefully building off the success of the 2018 Sundance documentary “Quiet Heroes.” You can watch the TV premiere August 23rd at 8PM ET on Logo. The film will also be available for streaming on Amazon Prime this fall.

Looking forward to the journey in Utah and sharing the new adventure with you all. Please reach out if you are interested in collaborating, or want to learn more.

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