Every American will be a healthcare disaster waiting to happen.

We spend almost 10K per capita in America on healthcare. Over 17 percent of our GDP.

More than double than Germany and all other major economies.

Yet, we barely edge out Cuba in life expectancy and fall low on the list of quality of life/health indicators.

When clinicians complain about pay, send them a basic chart.

The needle kept going up with the ACA. It was just a patch, now its being ripped off and the wounds will be ugly.

Exorbitant doc pay is a major reason for these increases according to a study by Columbia. 

There are many factors, but at this point can be summed as “out of control health care costs”.

At a time when our healthcare is at a all-time high, its looking to get worse before it gets better.

Yes, what goes up, must come down.

But for those on the edge, empathy won’t help. Most Americans are one pre-existing condition disaster waiting to happen. Including myself.

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