This is Rachel Puckett, extremely talented producer & “Artist Wrangler” at Liveset. She’s also handled the music supervision for Deltree. Most recently for the international DC Comics campaign “We Can Be Heroes”. Chiefly important, she is one of the kindest souls I know. But don’t be fooled; you will rarely find a person more fierce than Rachel. 

For cool concert pics, you should check out her latest project Instagigs. For fresh, inspiring music, you should follow her playlists on Rdio. 

This is my first installment of a series “People To Move You”. In my fashion, I’m going to ask each one question. Thanks to Nathan Scott for helping me come up with this one. 

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“Rachel, why?”

I do it for me. If I do it for myself then everyone who matters will benefit greatly. At the end of the day the only real passion that will fuel you to succeed in careers, relationships, life choices will come from within you. You follow that and you’ll make the right choices. You’ll be happy. Those around you and those that matter will be as well, because of that. 

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