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The most beautiful thing, a message to Soren Reece

Life in Utah is magical. I need to post more updates. I’ll try. As I type this I’m consider a return to “social media” as I’m in a much more healthy place in life. Our family has been on a

Discipline = freedom

Remembering how life is like a good diet. You need routine and accountability as a baseline but shaking it up with some carbs or travel can jolt the system. When you return you are motivated to add / take away

A plea for Syrians

Two years ago Robert X. Fogarty​ and I visited & photographed Syrian refugees at the world’s second largest refugee camp. This was camp was located on the border of Jordan and Syria with over 400,000 at the time. Since many

California Coast – 3rd trip

Best. Birthday. Ever. Much love to Justine & Josie for making my 32nd so special. One for the books. 

Birthday party with ahitsrosa

Just wrapped my last commercial directing gig for a while. Deltree is ramping up with more directors. I’m ramping up to launch a special project. 

Happy Valentines Day