They say there are five or so stages of loss & grief.  The stage of denial appears the most comfortable and magnetic reaction of them all. Why is this? 

You often hear “there is a thin line between love & hate”. This is the line I am compelled to explore. Why does one push away that which she loves? Can’t we find a better use for the relationship then to completely dispose?

This denial is a falsity. Be assured, you lost. You lost a unique, unquantifiable, & unrepeatable beauty. You will never repeat that love again. Such is every moment in life. 

For now, ignore it and put it behind you. But when you get far enough down the road, glance in the rearview mirror to remind yourself, why. 

This portrait is a mathematically even blend of every woman I have loved. The composition was created in Morph Age utilizing portraits I have taken over the last decade. 

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