Video platform startup, an easy way to sell videos online | Kinio

Kinio was a startup I co-founded in 2010 as an “easy way to sell your videos online”. It was like Vimeo or YouTube’s embeddable player, but with a built-in transaction engine. We raised 25K along with 25K investment from myself and the co-founders to produce an MVP. We demo’d the product at TechCrunch Disrupt as we held meetings with investors. I failed to find a financing fit & the project was sunset as I continued to run Deltree as CEO.

Role: Co-founder

“Be bold. Be the inventor of moments, the architect of experiences,” says Ben Reece, 28 year-old CEO behind Kinio, a revolutionary platform for filmmakers to sell their films online. “Of all the rules I have tried (or not tried) to live by, this one has never failed me: keep moving,” says Reece. ~ Business Insider

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