ASPIRE, a feature length anti-tobacco interactive game | MD Anderson

Led strategy, vision, development, design, and content production of a $1.4M interactive mobile-first platform and interactive game launching to 200,000+ students.

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Managed the platform’s HIPPA/COPPA/WCAG/GDRP compliance and led UX and development sprints across multifaceted experience consisting of 12+ hours of experience. Included mobile-first in-browser gamification, animation, live-action video, print, and branching narrative full CMS backend

Spearheaded project management of all technical & content departments, hiring 80+ staff for the innovative education product that included extensive process, training, compliance documentation

A few deliverables & accomplishments delivering the product

  • 31 page scope proposal
  • 21 page accessibility and compliance report
  • 140x milestone timeline spanning a year and 80x team members
  • 300+ features sprinted, developed, bugs tracked and resolved
  • 12 hrs of animated educational research-backed content, written and produced
  • 3 hrs of narrative creative content written and produced
  • Full custom stack PHP Laraval-based branching narrative gamified front and CMS/data reporting backend
  • Full Soundtrack Develop

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Role: Lead Product Manager, Dev Ops, creative director, UX, writer, & producer