Invested, resulting in a 10 music videos, 2 album cover relationship | G-Eazy

Ever since spinning G-Eazy’s Endless Summer mixtape from Loyola University in New Orleans, I was a fan. Through director Tyler Yee, I was introduced to G-Eazy’s management & developed a relationship with the budding artist

From the initial cash investment, we went on to produce 10 music videos for G-Eazy as well as 2 album covers for his major RCA Record releases and myriads of lyric videos and supporting material.

Role: Investor, producer, & executive producer

10 music videos. 2 album covers. Billions of views.

“Marilyn”, 2012 Dir. Tyler Yee

“Plastic Dreams”, 2012 Dir. Tyler Yee

“Been On”, 2013 Dir. Bobby Bruderle

“Almost Famous”, 2013, Dir. Bobby Bruderle

“Far Alone” 2013, Dir. Daryn DeLuco

“Lost” 2014, Dir. Tyler Yee

“I Mean It”, 2014 Dir. Bobby Bruderle

“Downtown Love” 2015, Dir. Bobby Bruderle

“Sad Boy” 2015, Dir. Palette Creative

“Tumblr Girls” 2015, Dir. Goodboyshady


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