Hurricane Katrina fund-raising & content platform |

For the 10th year anniversary of Katrina, my team and I partnered with (City of New Orleans hurricane preparedness partner) & Dear World to raise money & collect hundreds of love letters to New Orleans. Oversaw design, content, production, & creative direction throughout the project till fund-raising goal of 200K was complete. Featuring love notes to New Orleans from Steve Gleason, Archie Manning, Emril Lagasse, Ivan Neville, and many other NOLA legends and beyond.

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This 2015 campaign raised $245,000 to successfully install the last two statues at the Lower Ninth Ward and Gentilly Walmart Evacuspots, and light all 15 statues in the City. ~ Kali Rapp, Executive Director, Evacuteer

Role: Creative director, UX/wireframe designer, producer, writer, & post-production supervisor