Webby winning platform & series exploring people & place | 50 People, 1 Question

Fifty People, One Question is one of the internet’s first viral web series. First produced in 2008 in New Orleans, the series has since produced 6 official and hundreds of community episodes in every major city in the world in over 50 countries. Co-created with my dear friend & collaborator Nathan Heleine.

Role: Co-creator, creative director, director, & producer

Visit YouTube to watch the thousands of episodes film in over 50 countries over the past decade. 

The series has been featured in nearly every major publication, blog, garnered awards, and has launched the careers of filmmakers from Australia to Ireland.

Beautifully simple premise, even more beautifully executed, peeling away at the most authentic of human sentiments about life.

The Atlantic & BrainPickings, Maria Povova

Beautiful and touching series of short films….Ah, the madness of real life.

The Guardian, Johnny Dee

Straightforward, but remarkably vivid series.

Huffington Post, Johanna Smith

The most important social experiment of ourtime….internet famous.

Agency Spy, Matt Van Hoven

We premiered this episode produced for the Skoll World Forum on stage. Closing out the conference at Oxford for Malahla & Richard Branson, co-founder Benjamin Reece asks “What is your one purpose in life”.

Over 10 years, hundreds of cities & filmmakers, thousands of responses. While the website is laid to rest, the YouTube meme & format lives on. Check it out at http://youtube.com/50people1question


Lead Product, Co-Creator