HDSLR live streaming production outline

The production is online! Check out the first video of the series by clicking here.

Here is a breakdown of our 4x Canon 7D HDSLR livestream production:

// Video

Standard Shot, Camera A: 18-35mm Canon 2.8 

We had this camera setup straight on for backup cam and to capture a standard static shot. Many thanks to William and Brian Bailey at Tungsten Monkey! 

Rails Rig, Camera B: 100-400 Canon EF on Phillip Bloom Pocket Dolly (via J.Fry!)

Thanks to Stephan M. who operated this cam beautifully!

Crane Rig Camera C: 50mm Zeiss 1.4 Canon mount (w/ Kessler Crane HD w/ motorized head and remote follow focus)

This rig took three persons to operate (plus AC and PA). We had one operating the motorized head with their own monitor, one operating the crane movements, I was operating remote follow focus via separate monitor and directing between the head and crane movements. 

Handheld Rig, Camera D: 24-70m Canon 2.8

One handheld rig with rails. Shout out to Jeremiah Fry who ran this rig! 

We ran all these cameras out to HD-SDI splitters by AJA as seen in the pic below (google it), from there we ran them to 8.4 HD Marshall Monitors

From there we ran this into video village where we ran it into a Panasonic HS400 (broadcast standard) and from there we ran it into a KI-Pro (for on demand stream and archive), Matrox Capture (for livestream), & a 47" HD-SDI monitor for live camera switching/direction.

We had everyone hooked up to two way communication systems so the director could let the cam ops know when they were live, etc. 

We also had a team of people, Nathan Heleine of Crush Lovely (who runs the digital production), Matt Blanchard (of Crush Lovely), and Ross Hinkle (ceo of Liveset) running the livestream.

// Lighting & Set Design

My brother David headed these elements up, so I’ll wait for him to speak to this, but I will say we had an A Class team from hollywood gaffers (Sean, Steve, & Steve) helping us out.

// Sound Production

This was all produced by the Music Shed, a world class sound and music production studio in New Orleans, LA. They have worked with Radiohead, U2, and a million others huge acts.

// Overall Production

We had a world class team of production managers and event producers in Abby Hardy and Rachel Puckett. Many thanks to the whole team including our new intern Austin Arnold who has the hardest work ethic of anyone I know.

Also wanted to give special thanks to Ross Hinkle and Chris Schultz, who without, none of this would have happened. 

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